Mollans' Shed


 This is our much loved Honesty Shed. Click the link to see what it currently looks like on the inside and where to find us.

Our Shed

Treats to go


See all of our regular items to buy along with the new food added this month. To help with people wishing to know what is in their food prior to purchase there is an ingredient list available here too.  

The link below will take you to the cakes, but clicking the "Makes and Bakes" link above will give you the option to see all of the things we make.


Environmental Impact


Here at Mollans' we take our environment  very much at the forefront of what we do.

There are lots of initiatives we have taken.  Click here to see how we have tried to have as little impact on the world we live in as we possibly can

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Ready Meals


We offer a delicious assortment of ready made meals, some fresh and some frozen. Our usual selection inclludes Mac cheese, curries, quicke and so much more. We try to make as much of it Gluten Free as we can.

Great to stock up for the freezer knowing all the food is freshly made without added preservatives, colours etc.  We offer a service for those of you who holiday up here to save you having to shop on the way.  

Ready Meals

Dietary Requirements


Neither Rachel nor I have any allergies but we are committed to produce food that is inclusive to as many people as possible.  If you have special dietary needs then please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate them.

We don't Use Palm Oil


We are committed to producing food that does not contain Palm Oil.  

If you click the link below you will see why we have taken this stance and how difficult it has been.

Palm Oil

Opening Hours and where to Find us

Click on the open sign to see where we are and when we are open.

Click on the open sign to see opening times and how to find us

Hot from the oven


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Rogues' Gallery


Who we are and why we embarked on Mollans' Shed.  

Click on the cutey questionmark if you are brave enough to see us all.

Why Mollans'?


You might be wondering where we got the name for our wee business.  Click the eyebrows to find out more.

Local photos


A mini gallery of local photos taken on the Island.  If you want to add any of your own then just let us know.

Links to other local sites


This page is yet to be finished - if you wish to be added to the links page please contact us.

About Us

Welcome to Our Kitchen!


We love to bring you fresh produce, lovingly prepared and baked with care.

Sometimes from the simplest ideas come the tastiest cakes and bread.

What makes you feel more comforted than a freshly made warm slice of bread with home made rhubarb and ginger jam smothered on top?  Show someone how much they mean to you by bringing them one of our beautiful cakes.  Every one is uniquely different but consistently deeeeelicious.

Food for Thought



We don't like anything artificial and that goes for the baking too!

If you need to add preservatives, artificial colours, artificial sweeteners etc then it is unlikely to be something you will see leave our kitchen.

We also hate waste so often you will see "specials" offered for sale when something is in season - and that could be as simple as summer fruits to autumn flowers.

Waste not ...



We have all heard our Grannies telling us "waste not, want not" and in the shadow of these wise ladies, we continue with this excellent advice.

Why would you let good food go to waste in the first place?  We make our own syrups and crystalised citrus fruit from excess good quality fruits rather than to throw them out.  If you find yourself with a glut of fruit (ie rhubarb, apples etc) then let us know - we love to barter and are more than happy to swap for a lovely cake, preserve or freshly made bread.

Feeling Hungry?

We hope you enjoy browsing through the site.  It is still under construction  so check back regularly to see how it is improving.  Check out the menu to see what you almost missed.