Sweet Treats and Naughty nibbles

Fresh local produce

In this day and age we are so used to having all fresh produce available 52 weeks of the year but at Mollans we want to go back to the good old days and preserve as much local produce as available. 

We make jams with as much local seasonal fruit as we can.  Sometimes we have to buy in soft fruit but it will always be Scottish fruit (with the excpetion of some of the Bramley apples).

Check out below to see which Jams are available right now.

As we have to buy in the jam jars and lids we are offering a 20p voucher for each of our jam jars returned.  The voucher can be used towards any future jam purchase.  This way we are reducing the number of jars that need to be manufactured.

Jam Varieties on offer now


Strawberry and Vanilla



Orange and Elderflower

Raspberry jam (no seeds)

Raspberry (with seeds)

This list changes frequently depending on fruit availability and stock levels.

Prices vary but are normally £2.50 per jar and £3 for the raspberry ones (to reflect the price of the fresh fruit used)

Sweets and Treats

Peanut Crunch


If you like a hard nutty crunchy (then chewy) sweet then this is the one for you.  Absolutely packed with peanuts.

Ingredients: Golden Syrup, Salted Peanuts, sugar, butter (Milk), water

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.80 per bag (Minimum weight 125g) 

Elderflower Syrup & Pecan Crunch


A crunchy toffee that is not too hard on your teeth.  Packed full of Pecan nuts and buttery - yummy.

Ingredients: Butter, (Milk), Sugar,

 Elderflower Syrup (Sugar, Elderflowers) (12%), 

Pecan Nuts, (8%) water, 

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.80 per bag (minimum weight 125g)

Chewy Brazil Nut Toffee


You'll need to watch your fillings with this one!  No, seriously it is not totaly tooth sticking toffee and is more like a soft caramel toffee in texture partnered with favoursome brazil nuts.

Ingredients: Sugar, Golden Syrup, Brazil Nuts, butter (Milk), Vanilla Extract, water

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.80 per pack (Minimum weight (100g

Cinder Toffee


Also known as honeycomb and Puff Candy, this Cinder Toffee is delicious straight from the bag.  You can also break it up further and sprinkle on top of cup cakes or ice cream.

Ingredients: Sugar, Goden Syrup, Water, 

Bicarbonate of Soda

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.80 per pack (minimum weight 100g)



Scummilicious and buttery this traditional recipe for butterscotch will never let you down. Crispy and crunchy and extremely moreish.

Ingredients: Sugar, Cream (Milk), Water, butter (Milk) Cream of Tartar

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.50 per pack (Minimum weight 125g)

Westside Tablet


A visit to the West side f the island would not be complete without taking back a bag of our Westside Tablet.  VERY sweet and traditional.

Ingredients: sugar, Condensed Milk (Milk), water, butter (Milk), 

Allergens underlined and in Bold

£1.80 per bag (Minimum weight 125g)