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Palm Oil

We don't pretend to be experts on the issues with Palm Oil production and deforestation which causes many animals to lose their homes but we do know where we want to go with our baking and cooking.

Our ethical stance

We do not want to use Palm Oil in the things that we cook.  This has meant that recipes have had to be adapted as many of them used margerine.  Where we live on the Isle of Lewis we have 3 supermarkets.  In those 3 supermarkets ther eis not one margerine that does not contain Palm Oil - we know... we have looking and looked.  Even the ones that used the words like "pure" and "sunflower spread" still listend palm oil in their ingredients.  We now use vgetable oils (non Palm Oil) and butter.  This has put up the prices of some of our products and hope that you will appreciate the quality of the ingredients that we use.

Sustainable Palm Oil

There is sustainable palm oil out there and it would be great to be able to use them with confidence as it would mean employment in impoverished areas.

That said, I know Unilever state on ther Stork margarine (which we used to use in our baking) that they are "committed to sustainable palm oil" but that is not the same as only using sustainable and I am reluctant to trust any large company at the moment especially seeing as they have been caught out (as have other companies) for taking Palm oil from new areas of deforestation that were not public.

For us this causes great difficulties with us making some of our products vegan although we have now developed a completely vegan margarine which we are very happy with.

Links with more information

How to find Palm Oil Free Shopping


Below are 3 files which explain how RSPA (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) accreditation scheme works and explains how a lot of the work is self certified.

RSPO Principles Criteria For the Production of Sustainable Palm Oil 2013 (pdf)


RSPO Principles and Criteria 2018 - approved 15 November 2018 (will be implemented by November 2019 (pdf)


FAQ regarding the RSPO P & C 15/11/18 (pdf)