All About Mollans


Murdo Mollans

Mollans is the name of our wee hoosie here on the stunning Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.  Situated a mere 400 metres from the beautifully sandy Shawbost Beach on the West Side we were so fortunate to find our little oasis.

When we asked the previous owner about the name "Mollans" he explained that the gaelic meaning of the word is "Eyebrows".  Apparently there was a family who lived here, who had rather splendidly large eyebrows.  One of the family was called Murdo Mollans.

This was rather fitting really as Julie also has very bushy eyebrows, we have a dog who frequently sits there raising first one eyebrow and then the other - all rather comically and we have 3 cats each with black heads and bright white lengthy eyebrow hairs.

You will see the addition of the eyebrows over the "M" on out logo - rather fitting we thought.

Our Logo

Our thanks again to a talented young designer Fergus Clayton for a wonderful logo he designed based on the things we feel are important.

At the top of the logo is a chicken - not just any chicken but one of our 14 hens that lay eggs daily for us which we use in some of our baking.

Below the Chicken is a shed.  We now have an honesty shed adjacent to our house where you can buy our fresh eggs, preserves and a small selection of cakes and breads on days that we bake.

Below the shed is of course the cake ... one of our delicious, freshly made and with flavours to tickle your taste buds.

Then of course we have Mollans with the all important eyebrows.

Our Personal Ethos

Not surprisingly we want to bring you the very best produce alongside a friendly experience and we pride ourselves on this.

When we were running the Horshader Cafe we learned a lot about what works and what doesn't.

We learned that there are so many people with differing dietary requirements and preferences and we aim to offer something for everyone.  We concentrated on Gluten free initially as we felt it important to do one thing well before moving onto the next but we are always happy to accommodate anyone.

We also learned that by not wasting food and resources and getting good value for money meant that there was a little money left over to buy the very best ingredients.  

But the very best we don't necessarily mean the most expensive but to strike a balance between quality, freshness, availability and ethically as good as we could.  There will be more about how we have chosen where we stand on certain issues for instance not using unsustainable palm oil wherever possible on a future page.